YAC Pvt Ltd | About the company
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About the company

Yaqoob automation & control (YAC) is a consulting and solution provider working with industries to improve their efficiencies, increase productivity and reduce downtime.  Challenges at every stage of the lifecycle from engineering and construction to operations & maintenance are addressed with optimized processes and integrated systems.

YAC Specializations include industrial Design, commissioning, automation, Control and cloud technologies.


Our consulting services help companies align engineering and manufacturing systems and processes to business goals. Return on investments are maximized. Practical solutions to address specific challenges and achieve targets are evolved through an iterative consulting process.


Our solutions are built on industry leading platforms focused on delivering maximum customer value. Interfacing to existing plant and business systems is done for integrated operations and management. Change management of the people and systems is performed for smooth transition to a better way of working.


We offer design, operation & maintenance, and training services in our specialization areas. Services are offered from remote locations or onsite depending on the complexity and cost factors.


Our main objective is to assist those responsible for the supervision, control and optimization of chemical processes, distributed over a large area. These processes require maximum reliability, availability and cost-effectiveness. We fulfill these tasks by means of integral systems, solutions for data acquisition, transmission, distribution, processing and the representation of correct information. By “Correct” we mean making the right amount of information available at the right place at the right time without any information getting lost or changed unnoticed.

By always striving for highest standards, we have been successful in implementing a number of projects during the last years.

The following shows the list of our projects in the various market sectors, as such

  • Power Plants
  • Chemical & Petro-Chemical Industry
  • Sugar and Allied Plants
  • Pulp & Paper Industry
  • Steel Mills
  • Glass Plants
  • Cement Plants
  • Fertilizer Plants